Dramatic coastal photograph of a sea stack off the Isle of Lewis

Wind and wave resource monitoring begins

During the week commencing Monday 23 October, the project will be deploying a Floating LiDAR (FLiDAR), to collect wind resource data, within the project site area.
Example of the FLiDAR buoy deployed at sea

The FLiDAR will collect meteorological data at regular intervals, including wind speed and direction for a period of 24 months. At the same time as the FLiDAR being deployed, two wave rider buoys and a seabed mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) which will measure wave and tidal conditions will also be deployed and will be on site for 12 months. All data collected during these early stages will support ongoing development and design activities within the project.

Example of the wave rider buoy deployed at sea
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