Supply Chain

Northland Power Supply Chain

Spiorad na Mara and Havbredey represent significant energy infrastructure investments in Scotland and will deliver benefits to local, regional, and national economies. During the development, construction and operational phases, there will be a number of opportunities for contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and service providers.

We are committed to maximising the opportunities available for local suppliers and other Scottish businesses as the projects progress and are committed to supporting the Scottish and UK supply chain, working in close partnership with local businesses and suppliers.

We are eager to support the development of a new offshore wind supply chain in the west of Scotland including the islands, which will benefit local suppliers and the surrounding economy, and whilst many of these opportunities may be several years away, we are keen to understand what is available in the local market and engage with the local supply chain early.

If you are a business that would like to be considered for work on the project, please complete the registration form. We will provide your information to our potential main contractors so that they have the opportunity to consider your inclusion within their own supply chains. In addition, we will also consider local businesses for supplies, services, and facilities we procure directly. 

Meet the buyer

As the project progresses, we plan to hold “Meet the Buyer” events, to provide more information on the opportunities available and how to get involved. These will be promoted on our website and through other channels, with plenty of advance notice given.


We are also members of the DeepWind offshore wind cluster, which draws together suppliers, innovators, and skills providers to support the development of offshore wind in the north of Scotland. We also encourage potential supply chain members to join up via the following link to access various events and initiatives used to promote local supply chain opportunities.

Membership of DeepWind is free.

A Gaelic expression, meaning Spirit of the Sea.The proposed project is set in an area approximately 5-13 kilometres off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. With a potential capacity of around 900MW, it could meet the average annual electricity needs of around 815,000 Scottish homes and save more than 1.36 million tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions every year.

A Norse word meaning ‘Isles on the edge of the sea’ and believed to be where the word Hebrides was derived from.The proposed project is approximately 35km offshore, northwest of Lewis. With a potential capacity of around 1,500MW, it could meet the average annual electricity needs of more than 1.3 million Scottish homes and save more than 2.2 million tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions every year.<

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