Dramatic headland on the Isle of Lewis

The origins of the wind farm names

Spiorad na Mara logo name

Spiorad na Mara

Set in an area approximately 5-13 kilometres off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, the site of ‘Spiorad na Mara’ (Gaelic for Spirit of the Sea) neighbours the unique coastline of western Lewis. This area has deep connections with the seafaring industry. The wind farm’s brand identity is a tribute to the lives which were spent at sea in the Outer Hebrides. To this day, working at sea is a popular vocation in these communities.

The figurehead is a visual reference to some important characters in Hebridean folklore. The Seelie Faeries were said to inhabit the lochs and seas of Lewis, and protect humans. As recently as the nineteenth century, local sea men would offer libations to faeries before a trip to sea, sometimes walking into the water with a cup of brewed ale. Spiorad na Mara’s figurehead encapsulates the deep connection that local people share with the environment. It personifies the past and future relationships between Scotland, its people, its stories, and its seas. 

Havbredey icon


Located approximately 35km offshore, to the northwest of Lewis, ‘Havbredey’ is a Norse word meaning ‘Isles on the edge of the sea’ and believed to be where the word Hebrides was derived from. 

The logo design takes its inspiration from Scottish and Nordic folklore, with tales often overlapped with the Western Isles strong connection to the Norse culture. One such tale is of the ‘Nine Wave Maidens’ who were the daughters of ‘Ægir’ – who in Norse mythology represented the power of the sea. Each of these daughters had their own particular attributes and were personifcation of the waves. 

Inspired by these wave maidens, the Havbredey logo icon is made up of 9 abstract symbols, set in a 3 x 3 grid arrangement, with a strong grid and engineering design bias, encapsulating the key elements of floating offshore wind. The symbols can also change and shift dynamically, reflecting the movement of the wind turbines. 

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