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Northland Power in Scotland

ScotWind was the first round of offshore wind leasing in Scottish waters for a decade. The ScotWind leasing process enabled developers to apply for seabed rights to plan and build windfarms in Scottish waters. The result is that there are now 20 offshore wind projects with option agreements confirmed, which together total up to 27.6GW of clean energy.

Scotland’s target is to reach net zero emissions by 2045. These projects will deliver locally produced, clean offshore wind energy that is central to Scotland’s efforts to tackle the climate emergency, secure the UK’s energy supply, and generate billions of pounds of investment in Scotland.

Latest figures, taking into account all 20 projects, now show initial total Scottish commitments total £28.8bn.

Our ScotWind projects

Hebrides coast image

Northland is proud to have been trusted and awarded the rights to develop two offshore wind farms in the Outer Hebrides, originally known as N4 and N2, supporting Scotland’s journey to net-zero.

The wind resource in and around the Outer Hebrides is among the best in the world, and ScotWind places the Outer Hebrides in the forefront of the global battle against Climate Change.  The potential for offshore wind in Scotland is immense. With ScotWind, Scotland can become a world leader in offshore wind, which will lead to significant environmental, social, and economic benefits.

During the autumn and winter of 2022, Northland spent time engaging with people and groups in the local communities, including school children and the Gaelic department at UHI Outer Hebrides, to establish more appropriate and meaningful names for the projects.

This led to the creation of  Spiorad na Mara (N4) and Havbredey (N2), with both names reflecting the area in which the projects are situated, including its rich cultural heritage and history. 

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